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Learn to Download, Install and Uninstall a McAfee Product

McAfee is one of the most reliable cyber protection tools till date. To that end, it comes is several laptops pre-installed. But in order to use this system properly, one needs to download and install it properly as well. Also, if you hit any issue while using this application, no repair tool is available. To that end, you must also know how to uninstall any McAfee product.

As per the experts of McAfee Antivirus Support, a user should be able to adhere to all the steps to properly interact with the cyber protection application. These steps are as follows:

  • Downloading the McAfee product
  • First, navigate to the official website pertaining to the antivirus application.
  • Once you are there, you need to register using your correct user credentials.
  • Now, proceed with the navigation to the products page.
  • Select the ones that you want to install.
  • Click on the download button.
  • If the product entails a special service, you will be directed to a payment module.
  • Enter your details and make the requisite payments.
  • You Can proceed with downloading the application.
  • The software is relatively small. Therefore, it will not take you more than 5 minutes of downloading time.
  • You also would have received a product key in your email. Note it down as well.
  • Installing the McAfee Product
  • Now that you have downloaded the software, double click its setup icon to begin the installation.
  • Select the location of where the application has to be installed.
  • Agree to the user agreement.
  • Let the installation process run its course.
  • Click on the finish button to complete the installation.
  • Launch the application.
  • Click on the “activate” button.
  • Input the product key that you received in the email (while you bought the software).
  • Your software is now activated and ready to use.
  • Uninstalling the McAfee Product
  • Go to start and select “Control Panel” from the options.
  • Click on “Programs and Features” on the resultant window.
  • Select the McAfee product from the list of the applications and click on remove to initiate the uninstallation process.
  • Once the cyber protection tool is removed, you will be prompted to restart the computer.
  • Do so to finish the removal process.
  • In case the standard steps do not work out, download McAfee Product Removal Tool and after that install it and use it to remove the software.

Now, you know how to properly remove and download the cyber protection software.

In case you encounter any issue, you can call upon the assistance of McAfee Support Australia via the customer support number +61-283173557.


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