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Easy Steps to Renew the Services of McAfee Antivirus

If you have been a user of antivirus applications, then you are familiar with the additional perks that come with the paid subscriptions. Similar is the case with McAfee. While this cyber protection tool has some extremely applicable features if used in a free manner, also entails additional protection and perks if subscription is renewed in a regular manner. In order to renew your subscription, the pre-requisites are:

  1. You must know the credentials of the McAfee account.
  2. You must have saved an appropriate payment method in order to re-subscribe.

Once you have gathered both of these data, you can follow the following steps to revive or renew the subscription of the antivirus application courtesy of McAfee Support Australia.

  1. Using the correct credentials, login to your personal McAfee account.
  2. On the page that you will be directed to: the My Account Page, navigate to the top and then select My Account.
  3. From the options available before you, click on the “Subscriptions”.
  4. Click on the “All expired” tab to see all the expired subscriptions. Alternatively, you can click on “View All” to see all the current and the expired services.
  5. Among them, click on the services you want to renew by selecting the appropriate subscription. The options of subscription that will be given to you will be:
  1. Monthly: To deal with the more immediate security concerns if you are working on a finite project.
  2. Quarterly: If the security services are required for four months.
  3. Yearly: Meant for all types of users, to protect the systems all year.
  1. Once you select your requires service, you will be directed to the payment gateway.
  2. Select Paypal or the credit card and proceed with the payment.

You will receive the details and the confirmation of your services via the email. In some circumstances, you will have to click the link to activate it.

Normally, the services will be reviewed at the instant the payments are confirmed, if not, you can wait for about 24 hours. If the services are still not activated, you can get in touch with the experts via the McAfee Customer Support Number +61-283173557 to get further assistance.


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